Located in the heart of Perth’s CBD – within the arms of the Horseshoe Bridge – Yagan Square is one of the city’s most popular community, meeting and celebration places. 

More than just a transit area for the thousands of workers and residents connecting with public transport or walking between the CBD and Northbridge – Yagan Square is a place to have fun, meet, play, eat and shop from a showcase of WA.

The city's new heart

Yagan Square is a place unlike anywhere else in the city.

Yagan Square is a hub of activity both during the day and at night with cafes, restaurants, pop-ups and shopping providing plenty of things to see and do. The Square has a spectacular lighting display on the underside of the canopies and the iconic Digital Tower. 

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Meet, connect, celebrate

Yagan Square sees the return of food, community and city life to the Horseshoe Bridge. It is an inviting and lively meeting place where locals and visitors can connect with, and celebrate, Western Australian culture.

Yagan Square offers a range of experiences – from green spaces for relaxation and play, to a market hall, cafes and restaurants, digital media, native gardens and engaging public art.

The ultimate design responds to the nearly 2,000 responses received from the public via an online engagement tool during the planning stages.

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    Yagan Square provides a pedestrian connection between the CBD and Northbridge at William Street, as well as links to the train station and underground busport

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    Yagan Square has a lively atmosphere during the day and at night

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    A children’s play area uses natural forms and colours to create a challenging but accessible terrain, surrounded by a forest canopy

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    An amphitheatre on the upper level with a shade canopy - overlooked by a restaurant with an outdoor deck - provides a flexible meeting and event space

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    Gardens throughout the Square feature WA wildflowers and tree species that are important culturally and reflect the history of the site

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    A market hall is one of the Square’s major attractions, offering a diverse range of food showcasing local produce

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    Yagan Square connects people with public transport, business, living and entertainment


A showcase of Western Australia

Yagan Square is a celebration of Western Australian history, lifestyle, landscape and produce. The design of Yagan Square reflects the natural landscape of WA – from unique geology, colours, textures and natural materials, to native wildflowers and the best of WA produce.

Native trees and plants including a WA wildflower garden

Enjoy the best of WA fresh produce in the markets, cafes and restaurants

Landscaping will showcase the diversity of WA materials.

Highly engaging, interactive and immersive public art

A window into Noongar culture

A cultural engagement process from the early stages of Yagan Square design created opportunities for involvement by the Whadjuk Working Party and South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council.

There is a strong Aboriginal narrative that runs through the square which incorporates stories from the Whadjuk people - the traditional owners of the land - exploring themes of place, people, animals, birds and landscape; all of which shape and create a strong sense of place. These stories have influenced various elements of Yagan Square, creating a unique space that is reflective of both culture and history. 

  • Yagan Square cockatoo feather

    Yagan Square

    Named after the Noongar leader Yagan

  • Yagan Square digital tower artist impression

    Digital Tower

    Symbolises the reeds once found here and the 14 Noongar language groups

  • Yagan Square canopy artist impression


    Symbolises the lakes which once occupied the site.

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    Native trees and plants reflect the site's history.

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    Acknowledge the area's history as a place of hunting and gathering.

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