• Wirin statue in Yagan Square, by artist Tjyllyungoo/Lance Chadd with Trish Robinson and Stuart Green


    The nine metre high sculpture embodies the spirit and culture of the Noongar people.

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  • Digital Canopy Yagan Square

    Digital Canopies

    The canopies will bring Yagan Square to life with light and colour.

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  • Close up of the children's playground


    A fun space for kids of all ages.

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  • Food-and-coffee-on-table-Yagan-Square-1200x720.jpg

    Eats, Drinks, Treats

    A list of all the places to eat, drink and find gourmet treats at the square.

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  • Digital Tower at Yagan Square

    Digital Tower

    Inner city landmark to entertain visitors with digital art.

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